You can open this site even from Dubai hotels: Dubai escorts


All ladies, who are represented on our website, can be booked in the country, where they are staying, for any period of time, which is convenient for you, for the price that is given on the website or negotiated with the operator on the phone. If you want to book an <a href="/city/Dubai">Dubai Escort</a> lady, who is not in your country, we have special kind of  service for you, it is called "travelling escort model". In this case our ladies will come to visit you to your country, the least duration of the appointment is 3 days (the least price is 5000 Euro, it might differ according to the type of model and the country), this amount of money does not include the payment for the visa, the flight ticket, and the hotel.

The escort ladies, who cooperate with us are porno, fashion, escort models and sometimes special ladies, who travel once a year (they are not in this business) and can provide a truly GFE (girlfriend experience) and will treat you like her own boyfriend. These girls might be not represented on the website due to the terms of the security, as they can not risk their high social status. We also have super exclusive she-male escort service — trans-sexual (these is either a male, turned to a female, or a female, turned to a male.) Transsexual escorts have a breast and a penis, not penis and vagina. They provide oral and anal kinds of sex. Sometimes we send men escorts as well. (Bi sexual-are those, who are both ways oriented, they can have sex with men and women; gay can have sex with male only, they can be active, passive and versatile.)

All of our ladies are young, beautiful, well-fit, educated, possess perfect communicative skills and are fluent in English, they are taught all the etiquette rules and would be perfect companions, to entertain and take care of you, also a professional model is an excellent choice for a business meeting, where she can be a kind of jewelry in a man company and help to set a friendly romantic atmosphere.

All our ladies are extra-class, they are professionals in their field and love to work like escort model.


For other Escort Agencies: Please, pay attention that all our models work only with our company and we do not transfer them to other escort service providers.

Conditions for travelling escort models:

The flight tickets, visa and the hotel (for the duration of the appointment, minimum 3 days) should be prepaid. In case if you want to extend the period of time, that the escort model will spend with you, you can pay the whole amount of money in one go or separately for every additional day, but always in advance.